Magic Books by Vanishing Inc.

Vanishing Inc. Magic is one of the world's biggest magic trick producers and most productive magic book publishers.

Their magic books are known for their superior quality, brilliant in-depth explanations, and plenty of photographs or drawings that help with learning the material.

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Bend It Like Geller
Bend It Like Geller
In stock (3 pcs)
49.90 EUR

Learn the history and multiple techniques used for metal bending.

Wayne Dobson's Legacy Book Set
121.89 EUR

A gorgeous book set devoted to a genius magician.

The Pages Are Blank by Michael Feldman
The Pages Are Blank
In stock (2 pcs)
50.89 EUR

The pages are not blank but filled with great ideas.

Topping the Deck: The Perfect Move by Jamy Ian Swiss
24.46 EUR

Perfect one of the best palming techniques.

The Elusive Illusive by Ben Daggers
The Elusive Illusive
In stock (1 pcs)
49.31 EUR

Learn entertaining magic tricks from a seasoned professional.

The Psychology of Magic book by Gustav Kuhn and Alice Phailès
49.31 EUR

This book offers several ways to improve your magic based on scientific research.

Naypes card magic book by parlor and stage shows by Roberto Mansilla
35.11 EUR

Learn card tricks designed for parlor performances.

Blomberg Laboratories magic book by Tomas Blomberg, Andi Gladwin, and Vanishing Inc.
54.83 EUR
Astonishing Essays by John Lovick and Vanishing Inc.
21.70 EUR
Vallarino magic book by John Lovick and Jean-Pierre Vallarino VALLARINO
The Illusioneer magic book by Carlos Vaquera
39.05 EUR
Hocus Pocus - a comic book about magic by Richard Wiseman
Hocus Pocus
In stock (1 pcs)
45.36 EUR
Kids Show Masterplan magic book by Danny Orleans
Kids Show Masterplan
In stock (2 pcs)
49.31 EUR
The Wondrous World of Pickpocketing by Héctor Mancha and Vanishing Inc. MANCHA_PICKPOCKETING
Symmetry, Parity and the Chimera Deck by Ben Harris and Vanishing Inc.
80.87 EUR
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