Coin Magic

Manipulate Coins at Your Fingertips

Magic with coins is beautiful but very difficult. You have to spend a lot of hours practicing different sleight-of-hand techniques with coins.

These books will help you explore the art of coin magic.

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The Definitive Sankey by Jay Sankey and Vanishing Inc.
from 79.01 EUR up to –11 %
from 79.01 EUR

Over 500 magic tricks are explained on over 1600 pages.

Sleightly Absurd by Charlie Frye and Squash Publishing
80.02 EUR

Charlie Frye shares his forty years of experience.

The Collected Almanac by Richard Kaufman
95.83 EUR

More than 170 magic tricks in one book!

Wayne Dobson's Legacy Book Set
125.20 EUR

A gorgeous book set devoted to a genius magician.

Totally Out of Control by Chris Kenner (MME Edition)
74.96 EUR

An iconic book by Chris Kenner.

John Carney's Carneycopia magic book
John Carney's Carneycopia
In stock (1 pcs)
60.37 EUR

A legendary John Carney book is back in print.

Coin Magic by Richard Kaufman
80.63 EUR

Learn from the master coin magicians.

Complete Works of Derek Dingle
80.63 EUR

The second edition of the legendary book by Derek Dingle.

Williamson's Wonders by Richard Kaufman
58.75 EUR –27 %
Williamson's Wonders
In stock (2 pcs)
42.54 EUR

After almost three decades, David Williamson's book is back in print.

Rubinstein Coin Magic book by Dr. Michael Rubinstein
85.09 EUR

If you're interested in this book, contact us via e-mail for a custom order.

Stylo magic book by Harapan Ong
40.11 EUR
Sleight of Hand magic book
Sleight of Hand
Out of stock
18.84 EUR
Modern Coin Magic book by J. B. Bobo
Modern Coin Magic
Out of stock
13.37 EUR
Self-Working Coin Magic by Karl Fulves
Self-Working Coin Magic
In stock (1 pcs)
10.13 EUR
Vallarino magic book by John Lovick and Jean-Pierre Vallarino VALLARINO
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