Magic Theory

The first time you hear about magic theory, it may sound boring and unattractive. Not necessarily! They might be more difficult to read, but that is because of one thing - they make you think. About a lot of things.

Books on magic theory will help you improve your effects, scripting, timing, presentation - your whole performance. If you spend the time studying them, you will notice how your shows change for the better.

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You Are All Terrible by Harrison Greenbaum
58.71 EUR

Learn how to work with humor from one of the best comedy magicians.

Magical Problems and Mental Solutions by Michael Murray
29.55 EUR

Nine creative ideas from Michael Murray.

Parallax by Max Maven
Parallax by Max Maven
In stock (4 pcs)
50.83 EUR

Explore the mind of one of the world's best mentalists.

Create Magic by Tom Elderfield
26.60 EUR

Learn how to create innovative magic tricks.

The Psychology of Magic book by Gustav Kuhn and Alice Phailès
49.25 EUR

This book offers several ways to improve your magic based on scientific research.

Eugene Burger: From Beyond magic book by Eugene Burger and Lawrence Hass
78.80 EUR

Learn fifteen parlor and stage magic tricks from the brilliant mind of Eugene Burger.

Astonishing Essays by John Lovick and Vanishing Inc.
21.67 EUR
The Magic Way book by Juan Tamariz
50.83 EUR
Magic and Showmanship: A Book for Conjurers MAGIC_SHOWMANSHIP
Mastering the Art of Magic book by Eugene Burger MASTERINGMAGIC
Freedom of Expression magic book by Dani DaOrtiz
98.31 EUR –4 %
Freedom of Expression
In stock (1 pcs)
94.37 EUR
Mainspring book by Alexander Hansford
Out of stock
35.07 EUR
Sharing Secrets magic book by Roberto Giobbi SHARING_SECRETS
Stage by Stage by John Graham and Vanishing Inc.
Stage by Stage
Out of stock
57.13 EUR
The Five Points in Magic magic book by Juan Tamariz
42.95 EUR
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