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Parlour and Stage Magic

Performing magic for big crowds, holding shows for audiences of dozens or hundreds spectators, is not for everyone. But if you are one them, you are in for a treat.

All books displayed below include magic tricks designed for parlour and stage.

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NON PLUS ULTRA: Hofzinser's Salon Magic (Vol. 3 and 4)
266.64 EUR

A two-book set dedicated to the parlor magic of Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser.

Naypes card magic book by parlor and stage shows by Roberto Mansilla
36.57 EUR

Learn card tricks designed for parlor performances.

Eugene Burger: From Beyond magic book by Eugene Burger and Lawrence Hass
82.17 EUR

Learn fifteen parlor and stage magic tricks from the brilliant mind of Eugene Burger.

A Show for All Seasons magic book by Christopher Barnes
A Show for All Seasons
In stock (1 pcs)
51.36 EUR
Magic and Showmanship: A Book for Conjurers MAGIC_SHOWMANSHIP
Self-Working Rope Magic by Karl Fulves
Self-Working Rope Magic
In stock (1 pcs)
9.45 EUR
Max Malini Book by Steve Cohen
131.47 EUR
Kids Show Masterplan magic book by Danny Orleans
Kids Show Masterplan
In stock (2 pcs)
51.36 EUR
The Wondrous World of Pickpocketing by Héctor Mancha and Vanishing Inc.
43.76 EUR
Mastering the Art of Magic book by Eugene Burger MASTERINGMAGIC
Japan Ingenious magic book by Richard Kaufman
Japan Ingenious
In stock (2 pcs)
69.64 EUR
Offbeat magic book by Nick Diffatte and Squash Publishing
Offbeat by Nick Diffatte
In stock (1 pcs)
57.52 EUR
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