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What would a magic store be without magic tricks? Card tricks, coin tricks, and mentalism effects. Effects for close-up, parlor, and stage performances. We have something for everyone.

You will find a carefully made selection of magic tricks below.

If you are a beginner in magic, welcome! You will find the best effects to get you started here. We've also put together a guide with tips on how to get started with magic.

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Card-toon Deck Remastered by Dan Harlan and Penguin Magic
23.47 EUR

The magician on the cards pulls out a selected card from his top hat.

Magic for Everyone magic kit by Penguin Magic
Magic for Everyone
In stock (4 pcs)
23.47 EUR

Four great magic tricks for an unbeatable price.

Industrial Revelation by Jamie D. Grant
140.04 EUR

A solid metal block falls out of a card box.

4 FLUSH by Nick Trost
13.41 EUR

Change five blank cards into the Fours of Spades.

Nightmare Page by David Alnwick
43 EUR

Instantly reveal the word your spectator is thinking of.

Evoke by Craig Petty
43 EUR –14 %
Evoke by Craig Petty
In stock (1 pcs)
36.69 EUR

A wonderful tool for mentalists and magicians.

Show Reel by Michael Murray
35.11 EUR

Reveal the name of the actor your spectator is thinking of.

Thy Will Be Done by Alexander Marsh
27.42 EUR

Perfectly predict the future with this specially designed tarot card.

Maverick by Dee Christopher
76.92 EUR

An EDC pouch for magicians and mentalists.

52 Cheetah by vernetmagic
52 Cheetah
Out of stock
49.31 EUR

A new one-pocket card index.

Jumping to Conclusions by Harapan Ong
Jumping to Conclusions
In stock (3 pcs)
27.02 EUR

Harapan Ong's twist on a classic Max Maven effect.

The Real-Life Tarot Deck
24.46 EUR

A new and original twist on classic tarot cards.

Planetarium by Manu Jo
Planetarium by Manu Jo
In stock (1 pcs)
32.74 EUR

Reveal the spectator's card with the help of the cosmos.

Appearing Glass by Steve Thompson
43.20 EUR

A full glass appears out of nowhere.

Typer Himber Envelopes (2 pk.) by Alan Wong
11.83 EUR

An excellent tool for magicians and mentalists.

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