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What would a magic store be without magic tricks? Card tricks, coin tricks, and mentalism effects. Effects for close-up, parlor, and stage performances.  Are you a hobbyist who fell in love with the craft? Are you an experienced professional looking to upgrade your show? We have something for everyone.

Below is a carefully selected selection of magic tricks. We tested most of the tricks before we brought them to the store to ensure we only offer the best.

If you are a beginner in magic, welcome! You will find the best effects to get you started here. We've also put together a guide with tips on how to get started with magic.

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Mystery Card Box by Henry Harrius (card magic trick)
44.10 EUR

A signed card appears in a card box!

The System by Michael Murray (magic trick)
44.10 EUR

The spectator just thinks of a card. You reveal it!

Dice Bomb by Apprentice Magic
10.22 EUR

One die explodes into eight small ones.

Bicycle ESP Deck
Bicycle ESP Deck
In stock (2 pcs)
13.23 EUR

A full deck of ESP cards with two hours of video instructions.

Cardboard Chameleons by Daryl
23.65 EUR

Instantly change the cards!

WGM Ring on Rope Set
28.86 EUR

Seven powerful routines with a ring and a rope.

Tricolour by Simon Lipkin and The 1914 Magic
Tricolour by Simon Lipkin
In stock (3 pcs)
67.95 EUR

Three Sharpie pens. Endless possibilities.

The Royal Wave (Parlour Size) card magic trick by Card-Shark
15.63 EUR

The popular card tricks are now available with parlour-size cards.

David Roth Expert Coin Magic Made Easy Complete Set
46.10 EUR

Three and a half hours of instructions and two sets of coins.

The Money Maker by Apprentice Magic
10.22 EUR

Print money on the go!

The Vault by Apprentice Magic
11.22 EUR

Change money into more money!

The Fifth Dimension by Apprentice Magic
10.22 EUR

Push a pen through two solid objects.

Spiker Box by Apprentice Magic
10.22 EUR

A classic and timeless illusion in a pocket version.

The Lost Treasure by Apprentice Magic
10.22 EUR

An excellent magic prop that lets you perform multiple magic tricks.

The Leprechaun by Apprentice Magic
10.22 EUR

Push a coin through a glass.

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