Perform Tricks for the Minds

Mentalism effects happen in the minds of your spectators. When performed correctly, they are personal and can help you connect with your spectators on an emotional level. 

Take your time studying these books about mentalism because this art cannot be rushed.

The fundamental mentalism book is 13 Steps to Mentalism by Tony Corinda. It introduces thirteen essential principles and gimmicks used by mentalists.

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The Definitive Sankey by Jay Sankey and Vanishing Inc.
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from 79.01 EUR

Over 500 magic tricks are explained on over 1600 pages.

Equilibrium by Michael Murray
26.74 EUR

Control your spectator's every choice.

Psychophysiological Thought Reading by Banachek
42.54 EUR

Learn the beautiful art of muscle reading.

Magical Problems and Mental Solutions by Michael Murray
30.39 EUR

Nine creative ideas from Michael Murray.

Bend It Like Geller
Bend It Like Geller
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51.26 EUR

Learn the history and multiple techniques used for metal bending.

Peter Turner's Legacy Collection Book Set by Ellusionist
109 EUR

Extensive work on mentalism by Peter Turner.

Unreal by Bruce Bernstein
Unreal by Bruce Bernstein
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74.96 EUR

One of the best mentalism books is finally back in print.

Practical Mental Magic book by Theodore Annemann
Practical Mental Magic
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19.85 EUR
Self-Working Mental Magic by Karl Fulves
Self-Working Mental Magic
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8.91 EUR
Before We Begin magic book by Asi Wind and Vanishing Inc.
Before We Begin
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58.75 EUR
13 Steps to Mentalism magic book by Tony Corinda
36.06 EUR

One of the essential mentalism books.

The Definitive Mental Mysteries of Hector Chadwick book HECTORCHADWICK
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