Art and History

Study the Beauty and History of Magic

The books you can find here explore the beauty of magic as an art. They will also take you on a trip through magic's history.

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Hocus Pocus Practice Focus
20.44 EUR

A book for children about the beauty of magic.

The Flourish Magazine x Cardtopia 2023
18.44 EUR

A special edition of a cardistry magazine for Cardtopia 2023.

The Flourish Magazine (Issue 1) by Bizau Cristian
18.04 EUR

The first printed cardistry magazine.

Tangram Volume 4 by Art of Play
Tangram, Volume 4
In stock (2 pcs)
27.86 EUR

The fourth volume of Art of Play and Alex Hansford magazine spotlights talented artists.

SPLAY by Dan & Dave (Standard Edition)
79.78 EUR –22 %
62.14 EUR

SPLAY includes twenty classic card flourishes displayed and dismantled by Dan & Dave.

The Complete Book of Hand Shadows
8.42 EUR
Hocus Pocus - a comic book about magic by Richard Wiseman
46.10 EUR

The history of magic is shown in a fun comic book.

Max Malini Book by Steve Cohen
128.28 EUR
Tangram Volume 3 by Art of Play
Tangram, Volume 3
In stock (1 pcs)
27.86 EUR

The third volume of Tangram highlights the work of Ivan Moscovich.

Confronting Magic book by Steven Cohen
55.92 EUR –42 %
32.07 EUR

The story of Steve Cohen's acclaimed show.

The Neat Review Issue Three by Ultra Neat and Alex Hansford NEAT_THREE
The Neat Review Issue Four by Alexander Hansford and Ultra Neat
46.10 EUR

The fourth issue of The Neat Review reflects the pandemic era.

Tangram Volume 2 by Alex Hansford and Art of Play
Tangram, Volume 2
In stock (1 pcs)
27.86 EUR

The second volume of Tangram introduces more extremely talented artists.

Tangram Volume 1 by Alex Hansford and Art of Play
Tangram, Volume 1
In stock (1 pcs)
27.86 EUR

Tangram is a magazine devoted to artists and their magical work.

David Copperfield's History of Magic Book
35.68 EUR

Get to know the history of magic through a tour of David Copperfield's museum.

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