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Art and History

The books you can find here explore the beauty of magic as an art. They will also take you on a trip through magic's history.

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The Complete Book of Hand Shadows
8.95 EUR
Hocus Pocus - a comic book about magic by Richard Wiseman
Hocus Pocus
In stock (2 pcs)
48.50 EUR
Max Malini Book by Steve Cohen MAXMALINI
Tangram Volume 3 by Art of Play
Tangram, Volume 3
In stock (1 pcs)
28.95 EUR
Confronting Magic book by Steven Cohen
57.50 EUR
The Neat Review Issue Three by Ultra Neat and Alex Hansford NEAT_THREE
The Neat Review Issue Four by Alexander Hansford and Ultra Neat
46.50 EUR
Tangram Volume 2 by Alex Hansford and Art of Play
Tangram, Volume 2
Out of stock
28.95 EUR
Tangram Volume 1 by Alex Hansford and Art of Play
Tangram, Volume 1
In stock (1 pcs)
28.95 EUR
David Copperfield's History of Magic Book
34.95 EUR
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