Butterfly Playing Cards Ambassadors

We are proud to introduce to you the ambassadors of Butterfly Playing Cards!

These talented, determined, passionate magicians and lovely people share our love for Butterfly Playing Cards. We are excited to collaborate with them and show their skills and art to our fans and friends. Let's get to know them!

Sean Devine

A devilishly creative and genius mind hides behind Sean's cute face. Sean is one of the best magic teachers on YouTube. His tutorials are detailed, leave no stone unturned, and, most importantly, are appropriately credited.

Sean creates original magic tricks. His book, Sharps & Swindles, revolves around the often-overlooked key card principle. There are twenty tricks and six sleight-of-hand techniques explained.

We also collaborated with Sean on his first deck, the Mantis Playing Cards. They will be available in Autumn 2024.

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Caleb Simpson

An extremely talented, devoted, and hard-working young magician specializing in gambling sleight of hand. He studies the work of Steve Forte, and his influence can be seen in Caleb's flawless technique.

Caleb gained a following on Instagram thanks to his captivating skills. In 2024, he started posting magic performances that put his skills to the test. Make sure to check them out!

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