Butterfly Playing Cards

What are Butterfly Playing Cards?

Butterfly Playing Cards by Ondrej Psenicka are a staple among marked decks. They have helped Ondrej fool Penn and Teller in his first performance in Penn & Teller: Fool Us. 

The intricately designed borderless Butterflies have been perfected over more than four years of development. Their powerful secrets enable you to cut to any card anytime, even after your spectator shuffles the deck. You can quickly name a playing card that is missing from the deck. Most importantly, their features let you perform mind-blowing magic tricks without having to learn knuckle-busting sleight of hand. The possibilities with these cards are endless; as Ondrej likes to say, the sky is the limit.

If you are looking for your first Butterfly deck, we recommend the Original 3rd Edition deck or our Starter Kit. These are the perfect starting points as both include a two-hour video tutorial, the most thorough guide to Butterflies. Learn the secrets of the cards and a dozen effects specifically designed for Butterfly Playing Cards.

Since there are a handful of Butterfly Playing Cards editions, we compiled an extensive guide discussing every detail, covering all the differences and behind-the-scenes of every deck.

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Original Butterfly Playing Cards 3rd Edition Blue
+ Tutorial
25.65 EUR

The perfect first deck of Butterflies. It includes a two-hour-long video tutorial with twelve magic tricks.

Red Original Butterfly Playing Cards 3rd Edition and Red Butterfly Playing Cards 3rd Edition 2 Refill Decks
+ Tutorial
46.96 EUR

A discounted set of one Original 3rd Editon deck and two Refills decks. Includes a two-hour long video tutorial.

Butterfly Playing Cards 3rd Edition 2 Blue Refill Decks
25.65 EUR

Two marked Butterfly decks for a great price. No instructions are included.

2 Red and 2 Blue Butterfly Playing Cards 3rd Edition Refill Decks
49.33 EUR

Four marked Butterfly decks for a discounted price.

Butterfly Playing Cards 3rd Edition Red 6 Refill Decks
65.11 EUR

Six marked decks of Butterfly Playing Cards in red or blue.

Butterfly Playing Cards 3rd Edition 12 Blue Refill Decks
+ Free gift
94.71 EUR

Twelve marked Butterfly decks for an unbeatable price. 

Butterfly Playing Cards 3rd Edition Mixed Brick
+ Free gift
94.71 EUR

A discounted bundle of six red and six blue marked Butterfly decks. 

Butterfly Playing Cards Autumn Edition Marked
16.57 EUR

Marked Butterfly Playing Cards in the warm colors of autumn. 

Butterfly Playing Cards Marked Seasons Mixed Brick
198.90 EUR –20 %
157.85 EUR

Get twelve of our marked Butterfly Playing Cards Seasons decks for a special price.

Butterfly Playing Cards Spring Edition Marked
16.57 EUR

Butterfly Playing Cards Spring Edition is as vibrant and colorful as spring gets.

Butterfly Playing Cards Summer Edition Marked
16.57 EUR

The second deck in the Seasons line-up features warm colors of late summer.

Butterfly Playing Cards Winter Edition Marked
16.57 EUR

Winter Edition of Butterfly Playing Cards rounds up the Seasons series with a frosty look.

Butterfly Playing Cards 2nd Edition Red 2 Refill Decks 2P_RED
Butterfly Playing Cards End Stripper Deck
15.59 EUR

A trick deck with tapered edges. Handmade by the Butterfly team in Prague.

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