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Butterfly Playing Cards Workers Edition Silver
30.39 EUR

Luxurious silver-foiled edition of Butterfly Workers.

Butterfly Playing Cards Workers Edition Svengali Deck
17.95 EUR

One of the best-selling trick decks made from Butterfly Workers.

Butterfly Playing Cards Side Stripper Deck
16 EUR

A classic trick deck that allows you to control one or multiple cards at a time. Handmade by the Butterfly team in Prague.

Butterfly Playing Cards Svengali Deck
Butterfly SVENGALI Deck
In stock (4 pcs)
16 EUR

A versatile trick deck beloved by magicians and mentalists. Handmade by the Butterfly team in Prague.

Butterfly x Bicycle Marked Rider Back Playing Cards (Blue Seal)
15.19 EUR

First marked Bicycle Rider Backs in ten years.

Futterfly Playing Cards Tuck Case
Futterfly Playing Cards
In stock (>5 pcs)
19.25 EUR

Butterfly Playing Cards with a black border and black edge printing.

Magnolia White Playing Cards by Ondřej Pšenička
14.18 EUR
The Secret of the Butterflies E-book
20.06 EUR

Learn the marking systems of Butterfly Playing Cards and six effects you can perform with them.

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