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Gaff decks contain special playing cards for magicians to use in their magic performances.

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Weapons Gaff Deck
Weapons Gaff Deck
In stock (3 pcs)
34.90 EUR

A deck of unique gaff Bicycle cards.

Bicycle Double Blank Playing Cards
0.41 EUR

The cards are blank on both sides.

Bicycle Double Face Playing Cards
0.41 EUR

These playing cards have values on both sides.

Bicycle Double Back Playing Cards Blue/Blue
0.41 EUR

A double-backer is a valuable tool for card magic.

Bicycle Rider Back Blank Face Playing Cards
from 0.41 EUR

Bicycle Rider Back cards with a blank face.

Bicycle Invisible Deck
Bicycle Invisible Deck
In stock (3 pcs)
9.44 EUR

This is one of the most used trick decks by magicians.

Butterfly Playing Cards Workers Edition One Way Force Deck
17.95 EUR

A deck of 52 identical cards, assembled from Butterfly Workers.

Butterfly Playing Cards Workers Edition Svengali Deck
17.95 EUR

One of the best-selling trick decks made from Butterfly Workers.

Butterfly Playing Cards Workers Edition Side Stripper Deck
17.95 EUR

A handmade Side Stripper Butterfly Workers deck.

Butterfly Playing Cards Workers Edition Gaff Deck
19.95 EUR

A deck of 56 gimmicked cards for Red and Blue Butterfly Workers.

Fanning & Manipulation Cards
14.37 EUR

Perfect cards for stage manipulations, thanks to their super thinness.

Tally-Ho Circle Back Blue Gaff Pack
22.17 EUR

A pack of six handcrafted gaff cards by Jeremy Hanrahan.

Phoenix Double-Decker (Parlour Size) by Cardshark
24.64 EUR

The Double-Decker has just got bigger! Available in Parlour size.

Fontaine Illusion Pack
Fontaine Illusion Pack
In stock (3 pcs)
39.01 EUR

A unique two-deck set of Fontaine Cards with a special gaff deck by Calen Morelli.

Bicycle Super Gaff Deck
Bicycle Super Gaff Deck
In stock (2 pcs)
20.53 EUR

A deck of gimmicked cards you can use with the Bicycle Rider Back deck.

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