Butterfly Uncut Sheets

Decorate Your Home with Butterfly Playing Cards

When new decks are produced, the cards' design is printed on large sheets and then cut into single cards. Some of those uncut sheets are set aside. They make a great collectible item or a gorgeous decoration for your home and office. We have gathered uncut sheets of dozens of editions of Butterfly Playing Cards over the years. They are now available here.

Single Uncut Sheets - Classic uncut sheets with one deck printed on them. One USPC single uncut sheet measures 68 x 56 cm (26.5" x 22"). One Cartamundi single sheet measures 75 x 53 cm. One Butterfly Holo uncut sheet measures 66 x 55 cm.

Double Uncut Sheets - Double the size and number of cards on one uncut sheet. These are unique to the Butterfly Playing Cards, specifically to the borderless marked ones. Using double uncut sheets is necessary to use Precision cut. There are two decks on the double uncut sheets. One double uncut sheet measures 120 x 73 cm (3'11" x 2'5").

Buy three uncut sheets and get a 10% discount, or buy six uncut sheets and get a 15% discount.

There is a maximum of six uncut sheets per order. If you'd like to buy more, please send us an e-mail for an individual shipping quote. If an order is placed for more than six uncut sheets, we will contact you regarding any additional shipping fees.

A note from the Butterfly team: Please avoid combining uncut sheets with other big products for packaging and shipping purposes. If an order like that is placed, we will contact you regarding any additional shipping fees.

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Uncut sheets of Butterfly Playing Cards.

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