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Cardistry Decks

Cardistry is the modern art of juggling with cards. The decks you can find here have been designed with cardistry in mind. The designs work best in flourishes and enhance their visual effect.

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Anyone x Benjamin Edgar Playing Cards
20.95 EUR

A deck of cards with unique indexes.

Virtuoso Open Court II Playing Cards
17.67 EUR

Dark version of Virtuoso Open Court Playing Cards.

Virtuoso Open Court I Playing Cards
17.67 EUR

A light version with a white border of the Virtuoso Open Court Playing Cards.

Smoke & Mirrors: The First Human Playing Cards by Dan & Dave and dealersgrip
18.49 EUR

The fifth Smoke & Mirrors deck by Dan & Dave and dealersgrip.

The Flourish Magazine (Issue 1) by Bizau Cristian
18.49 EUR

The first printed cardistry magazine.

Orbit Chroma Key Playing Cards
17.67 EUR

Make these cards come to life with video editing.

Soundboards Midnight Edition Playing Cards by Riffleshuffle
14.38 EUR

Music-themed playing cards with a unique sideways tuck box.

Iron Man MK1 Playing Cards by Cardmafia and Disney Marvel
67.79 EUR –27 %
48.89 EUR

Iron Man cards with a unique tuck box that lights up after opening.

Scoops Playing Cards by Organic Playing Cards
Scoops Playing Cards
In stock (3 pcs)
14.38 EUR

Cool off with the mint and chocolate chip Scoops Playing Cards.

Fontaine Illusion Pack
Fontaine Illusion Pack
In stock (>5 pcs)
39.03 EUR

A unique two-deck set of Fontaine Cards with a special gaff deck by Calen Morelli.

Super Bees Playing Cards by Ellusionist
Super Bees Playing Cards
In stock (3 pcs)
12.33 EUR

A percentage of the profits from the sales of this deck is given to a great cause.

Hi My Name Is Mark Gold Playing Cards by Dan and Dave
23.42 EUR

An exclusive metallic gold edition of Hi My Name Is Mark Playing Cards by Dan & Dave.

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