Magic Wallets

There are dozens of magic wallets available. Each of them is better suited to a different genre and style of magic. We tried multiple. Here, we offer the ones we consider to be at the absolute top level.

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Coin wallet Quiver Plus
Quiver Plus
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52.97 EUR

Make coins and other small objects appear, change, or vanish.

The Rebel Wallet by Gerard Kearney
The Rebel Wallet
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102.65 EUR

The classic Rebel Wallet by Gerard Kearney. Perfect for card to wallet effects.

The Rebel Wallet Elite by Secret Tannery and Gerard Kearney
145.76 EUR
Traveler coin wallet for magic by Jeff Copeland
Traveler by Jeff Copeland
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34.90 EUR
Coin Purse 3.0 by TCC
Coin Purse 3.0
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13.96 EUR
Orphic Wallet by Lewis LeVal and The 1914
81.71 EUR
Shadow Wallet by Dee Christopher and The 1914
Shadow Wallet
In stock (2 pcs)
73.91 EUR
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