Card Clips and Sleeves

Protect Your Favorite Deck of Cards

The tools available here will help you care for your cards, enhance their lifespan, or store them safely in your collection. Each of them has its purpose.

Card Clips apply pressure on the cards, straightening them and making them last longer. They can also be used as an accessory to your outfit.

Deck Sleeves protect the deck's tuck box from getting torn or wet. 

Acrylic Carat Cases store and display your collectible and precious deck of cards. We also offer our own Carat Case with an engraved butterfly on the lid, which sits perfectly on top of the butterfly on any Butterfly tuck box.

You can learn more tips for taking care of your playing cards here.

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Basic Card Clip by TCC Black
Basic Card Clip
Out of stock
10.46 EUR

Protect your favorite playing cards on the go.

deck sleeves with text
11.44 EUR

Five plastic sleeves with a custom design for protecting your playing cards.

Carat X1 Case by Carat Case Creations
Carat X1 Case
In stock (>5 pcs)
11.84 EUR

Display your favorite deck of cards in a safe way.

deck sleeves with text 10
14.80 EUR

A set of ten custom-designed sleeves for protecting your playing cards.

Butterfly Carat Card Case
15.59 EUR

An acrylic box with an engraved butterfly for storing your collectible deck.

Carat X2 Case by Carat Case Creations
Carat X2 Case
In stock (4 pcs)
16.97 EUR

An acrylic box to display your two favorite decks.

Lizard Grain Leather Card Clip by TCC
Leather Card Clip
Out of stock
from 17.96 EUR
Carat X4 Case by Carat Case Creations
Carat X4 Case
In stock (3 pcs)
23.28 EUR

An acrylic box for displaying four decks from your collection.

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