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Instructions for Miracles (signed)

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Learn ten powerful card routines from German magician Friedrich Roitzsch.

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Product detailed description

A brand new book by a German magician Friedrich Roitzsch. Friedrich shares ten of his personal card magic routines.

You can expect “worker’s” material with these field-tested effects. The explained effects use practical sleight of hand that can be used in front of an audience.

Here is a list of the included effects:

  • Switch’em - A demonstration of how gamblers use sleight of hand to win at card games. With your spectator being the main star!
  • Luminous Readers - A fun routine where you present special glasses to your spectators with which you easily locate secretly marked Aces in the deck.
  • Robin Hood - You find the chosen card by shooting a card in the deck and splitting the selection!
  • Fastest Card Trick in the World - A fast transposition of four Aces and four Kings.
  • Power Matcha - The spectator finds the mates of three random cards. But there is a surprise finale! The whole deck is now perfectly divided into pairs.
  • Nine Card Monte Revisited - You bet your spectator 100 dollars to find a stranger card among nine cards on a table. A simple task, right? Well, it is hard to succeed.
  • Far Out - You name three randomly chosen cards without touching the deck.
  • Out of this Card Box - An innovative version of Paul Curry’s classic Out of this World effect. Friedrich came up with a way to start the effect with a thoroughly shuffled deck!
  • Magic Squared - An interesting new take on the classic Magic Square plot.
  • Instructions for Miracle - You offer to teach your spectator a magic trick. Ultimately, they are left with an impossible object and a unique souvenir. Their selected card is bound inside a notepad! 

The book is signed by Friedrich Roitzsch.

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Category: Books
Artist: Friedrich Roitzsch
Publisher: Other
Autographed: Signed

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