The Best-Selling Magic Products of 2023

This year was packed with new releases, exciting projects, and beautiful playing cards. 2023 has been an eventful year for the magic community. You might know which products were “hot” and most talked about, but which ones were the real deal regarding sales? We’ll let you look behind the curtain and show you the best-selling products of 2023 in our store in each major category.

Butterfly Playing Cards

We can’t start with anything else than our own Butterfly Playing Cards. We separated them from other playing cards. Since we are the home of Butterflies, they sell more than other playing card brands. Let’s look at the five best-selling decks of Butterfly Playing Cards.

  1. Butterfly Black & Gold Unmarked Playing Cards
  2. Butterfly Black & White Marked Playing Cards
  3. Original 3rd Edition Butterfly Playing Cards
  4. Futterfly Playing Cards
  5. Butterfly Playing Cards Royal Purple Edition

Did your favorite Butterflies make the list? Are you surprised by any of the decks?

Playing Cards

We love playing cards! We carry over 200 unique decks, ranging from standard to rare and extremely limited. We try to curate the selection of the decks we offer carefully. Our goal is to carry only the decks we like. So, which decks are in the best-selling top five of 2023?

  1. COPAG 310 Playing Cards
  2. Bee WPT Playing Cards (Blue Seal)
  3. White Lions Series B Playing Cards
  4. Stud Playing Cards
  5. Bicycle Rider Back Playing Cards

You can see that some of the best-selling decks in our store are hard to find elsewhere. That's what our goal is. Build a selection of unique decks and offer them in one place.

Magic Tricks

Every magician buys at least a couple of new tricks every year to broaden their repertoire or try something new. What magic tricks were the biggest hits of 2023? We have a mix of new releases and absolute classics.

  1. Heartbeat by Juan Colás
  2. Sympathetic Ten
  3. Charming Chinese Challenge
  4. Permanent Record
  5. Eclipse

Heartbeat was the biggest hit of 2023. Juan Colás managed to create a unique magic trick that is intimate and provides a one-of-a-kind experience to the participant.


We mention this quite often. We consider books the best source for learning and diving deep into magic. There are so many secrets hidden in the pages of magic books that nobody will ever have the chance to explore them all. Which books caught the readers’ eyes in 2023?

  1. Instructions for Miracles
  2. Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
  3. The Definitive Mental Mysteries of Hector Chadwick
  4. In Order to Amaze
  5. Designing Miracles

We were pleasantly surprised by the success of Friedrich Roitzsch's new book Instructions for Miracles. It is filled with material he developed and uses in his magic shows. We got the chance to meet Friedrich in Munich. Seeing him perform the tricks from his book with his passion for them was amazing.

The End

2023 was a fantastic year. We got to see new and unique ideas, discover talented magicians and creators all over the world, and handle eye-catching decks of cards. We can’t wait for what 2024 brings!

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