Mentalism effects are considered to be the strongest ones in magic. Reading the spectator's mind, correctly guessing the card they are merely thinking of, or calling out the name of the person they are close with. These types of effects always leave the spectators with a great memory. 

At first, mentalism can be perceived as easy due to a general lack of sleight of hand. The hardest part of mentalism is the performance side. Performing a mentalism routine with the desired outcome and effect takes practice. But don't be scared by that. If performed right, you can leave your spectators with an unforgettable experience.

What's great about most mentalism routines is that they can be performed for any audience size, close-up, or on stage. 

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Nightmare Page by David Alnwick
42.95 EUR

Instantly reveal the word your spectator is thinking of.

Evoke by Craig Petty
42.95 EUR –14 %
Evoke by Craig Petty
In stock (1 pcs)
36.64 EUR

A wonderful tool for mentalists and magicians.

Show Reel by Michael Murray
35.07 EUR

Reveal the name of the actor your spectator is thinking of.

Thy Will Be Done by Alexander Marsh
27.38 EUR

Perfectly predict the future with this specially designed tarot card.

Fraud (Mentalism Magic Trick) by Peter Turner and Ellusionist
Fraud by Peter Turner
In stock (3 pcs)
21.67 EUR

A gimmicked credit card from the brilliant mind of Peter Turner.

Pr3miere magic trick by Nikolas Mavresis and David Jonathan
50.83 EUR

A beautiful multi-phase routine with Hollywood movies.

The End Book Test by Angelo Carbone
90.23 EUR

A great book test by Angelo Carbone.

B'Wave Deluxe by Max Maven
22.85 EUR

Correctly predict the spectator named card.

Pure Psychometry by Dee Christopher & The 1914
Pure Psychometry
In stock (1 pcs)
66 EUR

Correctly identify spectators' items closed in velvet bags.

Not A Robot by Phill Smith
Not A Robot
In stock (>5 pcs)
22.06 EUR

Test your audience to see if they are robots in disguise.

SCRIBE by Christian Grace and Ellusionist
SCRIBE by Christian Grace
In stock (2 pcs)
31.13 EUR

A modern version of the classic mentalism thumb writer gimmick.

Heartbeat by Juan Colás and Ellusionist
31.13 EUR –11 %
27.58 EUR

A unique magic effect during which the spectator feels your heartbeat.

The Billet Masterclass by Alex Marsh and The 1914
Billet Masterclass
In stock (3 pcs)
49.25 EUR

Become the master of billets thanks to this Alexander Marsh masterclass.

Punch'd by David Michael Fox and Abstract Effects
22.26 EUR
SOCKS magic trick by Michel Hunt and Vanishing Inc.
42.95 EUR
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