Magic for Kids

Magic for kids. What does that mean? We have selected effects suitable for little beginner magicians who would like to get a taste of the world of magic. These effects are simple to perform and props that are easy to handle. The main advantage of these magic tricks is that children can try performing magic to an audience without worrying about difficult techniques.

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Balls to Square Mystery (easy magic trick)
Balls to Square Mystery
In stock (1 pcs)
5.52 EUR
Stiff Rope magic trick
Stiff Rope
In stock (2 pcs)
5.92 EUR
Easy magic trick Tel-A-Vision
In stock (1 pcs)
6.71 EUR
Magic Coloring Book 4-Way
Magic Coloring Book 4-Way
In stock (1 pcs)
7.89 EUR

Magic Coloring Book with four phases! This book colors itself!

Bicycle Svengali Deck
Bicycle Svengali Deck
In stock (4 pcs)
9.07 EUR
Mystery Box by Murphy's Magic Supplies
Mystery Box
In stock (2 pcs)
10.06 EUR

Vanish or produce any small object.

Butterfly Playing Cards Workers Edition Side Stripper Deck
17.95 EUR

A handmade Side Stripper Butterfly Workers deck.

Butterfly Playing Cards Workers Edition Svengali Deck
17.95 EUR

One of the best-selling trick decks made from Butterfly Workers.

Butterfly Playing Cards Side Stripper Deck
18.74 EUR

A classic trick deck that allows you to control one or multiple cards at a time. Handmade by the Butterfly team in Prague.

Butterfly Playing Cards Svengali Deck
Butterfly SVENGALI Deck
In stock (>5 pcs)
18.74 EUR

A versatile trick deck beloved by magicians and mentalists. Handmade by the Butterfly team in Prague.

Card-toon Deck Remastered by Dan Harlan and Penguin Magic
23.47 EUR

The magician on the cards pulls out a selected card from his top hat.

Magic for Everyone magic kit by Penguin Magic
Magic for Everyone
In stock (4 pcs)
23.47 EUR

Four great magic tricks for an unbeatable price.

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