Stockholm17 Playing Cards

Lorenzo Gaggiotti, aka Stockholm17, is a Swedish-based playing card designer. He designs decks of cards that can be displayed as works of art. He is known for his intricately illustrated designs, which have won him many awards in the playing card community.

His decks feature beautiful and original artwork, often supported by the use of foil, gilding, or both. He also came up with out-of-the-box ideas, such as The 17th Kingdom Avant Garde Playing Cards, which have an hourglass shape.

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Odd Fellow Madame Laveau the Soothsayer Playing Cards
24.94 EUR

A beautiful deck of cards with gold foiling and green gilding.

The 17th Kingdom Avant Garde Playing Cards od Stockholm17
19.59 EUR

A unique deck of cards that pushes card design to new limits.

The Eye of the Ocean Intrepid Playing Cards by Stockholm17 EYEOCEAN_INTREPID
Odd Fellows Cpt. Spindel Webber Playing Cards by Stockholm17 ODDFELLOWS_SPINDEL
Black Requiem Playing Cards by Stockholm17
25.73 EUR
Notorious Gambling Frog Orange Playing Cards by Stockholm17 GAMBLINGFROG_ORANGE
Notorious Gambling Frog Green Playing Cards by Stockholm17 GAMBLINGFROG_GREEN
RAVN IIII Playing Cards by Caroline Ravn and Stockholm17
17.02 EUR
The Eye of the Ocean Solis Playing Cards by Stockholm 17 EYEOCEAN_SOLIS
The Eye of the Ocean Lunae Playing Cards by Stockholm 17 EYEOCEAN_LUNAE
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