PRISM Plus by Joshua Jay

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It's a new visual ending to a legendary card trick.

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Joshua Jay’s extremely popular PRISM Deck is back with a new ending. You visually change the top card of the deck without any sleight of hand.

PRISM is a rainbow deck, a card effect in which each card changes its back. Joshua Jay's PRISM is one of the best rainbow deck effects available.

The basic effect goes like this. You have a red deck of cards. You turn some of the cards face up and shuffle them into the face-down cards. With that created chaos, you will find three Aces in the deck and place them in your spectator's hands. And the final Ace? With magic, it is the only card in the deck facing a different direction.

One of the most asked questions magicians get is, "Could you do it with a different deck?". You, the magician, now say, "I can do it with any deck," as you turn the red deck into a deck of 52 different cards. Not only do the cards in your hand change, but the previously found Aces also change their backs in your spectator's hands!

That is just the basic routine you can perform with PRISM. You will learn this and much more in the brand-new online instructional video. Joshua touches on other effects, such as “Card Under The Box” and “Two Card Monte.” You will also learn how to use some of the special printed cards in the deck.

You will need to get a standard red Phoenix deck to perform the whole routine.

An honest note from Butterfly Magic Store: We don’t think PRISM Plus greatly improved the original PRISM. If you don’t want the visual ending and don’t mind a little bit of sleight of hand, you can find the original PRISM here.

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