David Roth Expert Coin Magic Made Easy Complete Set

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Three and a half hours of instructions and two sets of coins.

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This set is currently the best choice for anyone who wants to start with coin magic.

David Roth is one of the absolute legends of coin magic. His book Expert Coin Magic is one of the best publications on coin magic. He filmed a video project called Expert Coin Magic Made Easy, in which he tackles dozens of magic tricks and fundamental sleight-of-hand techniques.

Thanks to Murphy's Magic, this video project is now available again in this amazing set. In addition to the three and a half hours of detailed instructions, you will also receive a set of four replica Walking Liberty Half Dollar coins and a set of four replica Morgan Dollar coins.

You can try the two most popular coin sizes and find out which fits your hands best. These coins alone usually cost the same as this set.

You will learn the following techniques and tricks:

  • The Classic Palm
  • The Thumb Palm
  • Finger Palm Vanish
  • Palm Finesses
  • Fingertip Rest Position
  • The Shuttle Pass
  • Coin Switches
  • Winged Silver
  • Coin Change
  • French Drop & Variations
  • Ramsay Subtlety
  • Kaps Subtlety
  • Benzais Friction Palm
  • The Finger Palm
  • Classic Palm Vanish
  • Thumb Palm Vanish
  • Palm Transfers
  • The Utility Switch
  • Loads & Productions
  • Vanish & Reproduction
  • Copper & Silver
  • Chink-A-Chink
  • The Vernon Load
  • L'Masque Load
  • Power of the Magic Wand
  • The Bobo Switch
  • The Retention Pass
  • The Curl Palm
  • Multiple Coin Production
  • Coins To Cup
  • Coins Through the Table
  • The Click Pass
  • Hanging Coins
  • Wild Coin
  • Coin Through Hand
  • Spellbound
  • One-Handed Spellbound Change
  • The Cardini Steal
  • Advanced Copper Silver
  • Tenkai Pennies
  • The Magical Filtration
  • Advanced Copper & Silver
  • Advanced Coins Through the Table
  • David Roth's Purse & Glass
  • Metamorphosis Change
  • Milliken's Transposition
  • Silver/Copper Extraction
  • One-Coin Routine
  • TV Surprise

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