Why Are There So Many Magic Wallets?

There might not be a month during which a new magic wallet is not released. All wallet ad copies state it is the best on the market, bringing something new and never seen before. But why are there so many if the last one released is the best? We’ll try to answer this question in the following paragraphs.


First, every wallet does something at least a little differently. Even though they might seem the same at first, there are differences in sizes, openings, inner mechanisms, etc.

All magicians are different and have a unique style. Not all wallets might fit their needs, so it is good to have options. Some prefer slim and minimalist wallets. The classic magicians might tend to go for the bigger ones. Some typically carry a wallet in their back pocket, but others might prefer to keep it in the breast pocket of their jacket. And just for this reason, different wallet styles are needed.

Every wallet is intended for a different genre of magic. Are cards your main thing? You might be looking for a great wallet for the Card to Wallet routine. Is mentalism your forte? A peek wallet would be the perfect addition to your arsenal. If you’re performing miracles with coins, you’d probably appreciate an elegant purse for your precious coins and gimmicks.

With so many choices available, selecting the best fit for your needs might be challenging. We took the wallets in our store and tested them. You’ll find a guide to them below.

Wallets for Card Magic

FPS Wallet

What does FPS mean? It stands for Front Pocket System. Brent Braun designed this wallet to be primarily used and sat in your front pants pocket. But don’t get discouraged. There is more to the wallet. We’ll explain that in a second.

FPS Wallet is a modern wallet for the Card to Wallet routine. It is a slim bi-fold wallet, and it is available in multiple versions. Brent released a new, elegant version in late December 2023, made from classic black leather. It is also available in Carbon and Crazy Horse Brown leather.

This wallet offers four credit card slots and a money clip to carry your banknotes. The clip is removable and can be used for other purposes. The wallet has two plastic slides to help insert a selected card, bill, or small (thin) ring.

Brent teaches multiple ways to use the wallet in the online tutorial. Although the FPS Wallet was designed to be carried in the front pants pocket, Brent also explains how to use it in the back pants and breast jacket pockets. And! On top of that, he shows a way to use it while being seated.

RFID protection is a significant advantage of FPS Wallet for everyday carry. This means that no one can scan your credit cards while they're inside the wallet. Like many other magic wallets, FPS has no pocket for coins.

The Rebel Wallet

Gerard Kierney designed The Rebel Wallet for the timeless Card to Wallet routine. It is a luxurious wallet crafted from navy blue Nappa leather with blue stitching. It is a little bigger than a poker card. It has six credit card slots. Thanks to it being made from soft leather, each slot can fit two cards if you need more space.

There is a pocket on each side of the wallet. The left one is specially gimmicked for the Card to Wallet routine. The package includes plastic slides that will help you guide the card into the wallet. Five Bonzalopes are also included with the wallet. You can use them for the “card to a sealed envelope” effect.

The gimmicked part is very well hidden in the wallet’s design. Fun fact: when it arrived in our store, and we first gave it to Ondřej to look at it, he didn’t find it.

The Rebel Wallet has a tutorial for a basic Card to Wallet routine. Part of the tutorial is an interview with Gerard, in which he discusses tips and subtleties for performing and handling the wallet. These are very valuable as Gerard is a seasoned performer.

The Rebel Wallet might have disadvantages for some regarding using it as an everyday carry. It does not have a dedicated slot for banknotes nor a pocket for coins. But accompanying The Rebel Wallet with a coin purse is a viable option.

The Rebel Wallet Elite

This is a slightly bigger version of The Rebel Wallet. It comes in an even softer blue Nappa leather with a brown interior. It works like the classic The Rebel Wallet, but the Elite version adds a pull tab onto the gimmicked pocket.

It has three credit card slots, each fitting up to two cards. In contrast to The Rebel Wallet, The Rebel Wallet Elite has a dedicated banknote slot and a little pocket for a couple of coins or a coin gimmick.

It also comes with a stack of plastic slides, Bonzalopes, and the same forty-minute-long tutorial.

Deciding between the standard and Elite versions depends on your preference and taste. They do the same key things, but minor differences might sway you in one way or another.

Wallets for Mentalism

Shadow Wallet

Shadow Wallet is a slim and minimalist wallet designed by Dee Christopher and produced by The 1914. It has two features built into it. It is a peek wallet with a hidden card index inside.

You can quickly peek at any information written by a spectator on a piece of paper, whether a word or a drawing. The wallet has a special polarization card that will make it difficult for anybody else to see the information.

It comes with a set of specially printed gimmicked cards that don't make the wallet much thicker than it already is. Put them in the index, and they will provide you with twelve outs. A simple equivoque (magician’s choice) will guide your spectator to the desired cards. You can even show the inside of the wallet as empty, thanks to how the index is sawn in.

Shadow Wallet has three credit card slots. Each slot can fit two cards once the wallet (leather) gets broken in. You can store your banknotes folded in the main compartment. It will help you hide the index.

More than two hours of online instructions are included with the Shadow Wallet. Dee Christopher sits down with Lewis LeVal, and through their conversation, they teach you several ideas on how to use the wallet.

Orphic Wallet

This is another wallet from The 1914. Lewis LeVal designed the Orphic Wallet. It is a three-in-one magic wallet: peek, Himber (switch), and it can also be used for the Card to Wallet effect.

Orphic Wallet comes in two sizes, Standard and Plus. The Standard version is excellent for mentalists and magicians who work mainly with billets. The Plus size is one centimeter wider, making it more suitable for use with playing cards. It is much easier to slide a card inside the Orphic Plus.

Lewis teaches five techniques for peeking information in the online tutorial. He then explains two drawing duplications, a serial number divination, and shares an idea for presenting the Seven Keys to Baldpate routine. The tutorial has a section dedicated to card tricks with the wallet by Craig Petty. He teaches several effects, including a no-palm version of the Card to Wallet effect.

Wallets for Coin Magic


Designed by Jeff Copeland, Traveler is a unique origami-style coin wallet. Handcrafted from goat leather, Traveler will surely last you a long time.

What is special about Traveler? It has a secret compartment for vanishes, productions, and switches. It allows you to be one step ahead of your spectator. You can change a half dollar into an English penny. You can vanish a signed coin.

The main compartment comfortably fits a set of five half dollars or four dollar coins. The secret compartment provides a great way to carry your favorite gimmick.

A three-hour tutorial comes with the Traveler. Jeff explains all the ins and outs of the wallet and teaches multiple effects with it, including a production of a 3.5” coin.

Quiver Plus

Quiver is one of the most popular wallets for coin magic. It can be described as a small switch bag. It can be used for coins and other small and flat objects. You can switch one coin for another or make one disappear. It also works great for multiple outs.

Quiver Plus is slightly bigger than the standard one and can comfortably fit a set of five dollar coins.

It is made out of leather. Its secret mechanism is practical and durable, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking (of course, if you use the wallet gently).

Quiver Plus comes with a thirty-minute-long tutorial explaining how to handle the wallet and giving you some ideas for effects.

Coin Purse 3.0

This is the least magical wallet of all of the ones we mentioned here. Coin Purse 3.0 is exactly what the name says: a purse for coins. It does not have any gimmicks inside. But!

If you’re comfortable with sleight of hand with coins, you can make this purse look magical. You can make coins appear, vanish, or change.

It is an affordable option when you’re looking for a purse to store your coin set in.

Let’s End on Fire

This is a unique magic wallet. It creates surprising moments and striking wallets. We’re talking about The Aficonado Fire Wallet by Murphy’s Magic.

This wallet is made from high-quality artificial leather. Its mechanism allows you to produce fire after opening the wallet. The gimmicked part is operated mechanically. There are no electronics involved. The wallet is designed to be set on fire only by you (the operator).

A fire wallet is a classic magic prop. Thanks to Murphy’s Magic, it is now available in this quality version that does not break the bank.

Disclaimer: Be careful while operating this wallet to prevent any possible injuries.

The End

That was an overview of all the wallets in our store. It will get updated if a new one comes our way. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of which wallet to go for. If not, feel free to contact us with more questions. We’ll be more than happy to help.

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