How I Found My Magic // Ondřej Pšenička

We have a renowned magician in-house, so it would be a shame not to include him in this interview series. We are talking about no other than Ondřej Pšenička, the creator of Butterfly Playing Cards and the founder of Butterfly Magic Store.


Ondřej Pšenička is a worldwide known magician and the founder and creator of Butterfly Playing Cards. He is also a three-time fooler from the TV show Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

He took the magic community by storm in 2017 with the release of the first edition of Butterfly Playing Cards, a unique marked deck he worked on for more than four years. Its features enable magicians to perform miracles with little to no sleight of hand.

We sat down with Ondřej for another installment of our How I Found My Magic series. His honesty and witty humor shine through his answers. Enjoy!


What made you start with magic? Was it the wonders, curiosity, getting to know the secrets, or something else?

I was always fascinated by the inexplicable. So, I was fascinated by magic. And I think what got me was that I could cause the inexplicable myself. Plus, I was always a performer, and magic was performance art, so it clicked in many ways with what I desired.

How did you find yourself specializing in card magic? What fascinates you about it the most?

It was an accident. I accidentally stumbled upon a basic principle in magic that was under-explored, so I decided to explore it better, and that led to Butterfly Playing Cards. Why I kept doing it is probably its practicality. You can do it anytime and anywhere; since everybody knows what cards are, they can instantly relate to it.

Was there any other type of magic you tried to pursue or explored in the past? If yes, what made you go with card magic instead?

I started as a silent stage magician and wouldn’t touch close-up magic seriously until five years in. I started going to a magic club that organized a close-up competition. And that competition is what I regard as my gateway to the world of close-up magic.

Who are your “magic heroes,” people you admire most, and why?

I like Teller. Everything he does is beautiful and close to perfection. And Derren Brown. His shows are gems of magic and theatre. Who else? Copperfield. He’s a legend.

Why did magic stick with you for that long?

There is nothing else I can do better.

What keeps you inspired after the years?

Friends. All my magic friends who are better than me.

If you could give one tip to your younger self, what would it be?

Keep doing what you’re doing, keep learning, and keep going.

The End

Even though it might not always seem like it, because of his wittiness and love for sarcasm, Ondřej is a very lovely person! Make sure to come to talk to him at a convention or in our Butterfly Wonderland in Prague. You can always reach out to him on Instagram if you’re planning a trip to Prague and a visit to our store to make sure he’ll be there.

Who should we interview next for this series? Let us know!

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