Triple Release on Valentine's Day 2024

We prepared something special for this year’s Valentine’s Day. There will be two, well, actually, three limited releases at the same time. Yes! We lined up three exclusive drops for February 14. They will go on sale at 5 PM Prague time. We know you’re eager to learn more. Let’s start with the first release!

Butterfly x Bicycle Marked Rider Back Playing Cards (Blue Seal)

We introduced these last November at Cardtopia 2023. This is a fully marked deck of Bicycle Rider Back Playing Cards produced in collaboration with Bicycle Cards and the United States Playing Card Company. It is the first marked deck of Rider Backs in ten years. We’re incredibly proud of this collaboration!

The first batch released at Cardtopia featured a classic black USPC seal. We managed to get a very small number of these decks to our store, and we put them on our website around Black Friday. They sold out very fast.

We specifically stated they had the black seal because we had another batch coming. It was produced specifically for us and our store. It has a blue seal with “Framed by Butterfly Playing Cards” written on it. This edition is even smaller than the one with the black seal.

The Butterfly x Bicycle Marked Rider Back Playing Cards feature a marking system derived from the Butterfly marking system. It has been adapted to work with the bordered design. Each deck has a card leading you to the marking system instruction. If you have our Piña Playing Cards, these have the same markings.

We printed these on crushed Premium stock with a traditional cut for the highest quality possible. They feel amazing, spread like softened butter, and faro effortlessly straight out of the box. As we wanted to make these a worker deck, each deck has a double backer.

Now for the most important part. Only 300 decks will be available, with a limit of two per customer. We want to let as many people as possible get and try these. (We might have something huge in the works for the second half of 2024. Wait, who said that?)

One deck of Butterfly x Bicycle Marked Rider Back Playing Cards will be available for 15 EUR. The tuck boxes might have slight imperfections, such as little dings, minor smudges, or white spots on the top, as we had to have the seals redone.

Don’t miss your chance to get these! Now, for the more secret and equally exciting second release.

Gold and Silver Butterfly Workers

You read the title right. During the production of the Butterfly Workers, we printed two elegant, shiny, luxurious, and, until now, very secret Worker Edition decks. Let us introduce to you the Gold and Silver Butterfly Workers!

These were supposed to be one of the stretch goals in the Workers Kickstarter campaign, but Holographic Butterflies were requested more. So, we produced and released the Holo Edition but couldn’t pass on the Gold and Silver Editions. They were too pretty not to be put into print.

Both editions are housed in matte white tuck boxes with details in their respective foils. The inside of the tuck boxes is decorated with a fully foiled flower pattern.

Cartamundi printed the Gold and Silver Workers on Slimline stock with a B9 Finish. We went with the cold foiling process, so the foil has zero impact on the cards’ quality. They feel amazing, and the Gold Edition might even feel slightly better than the Silver.

What is foiled? The back design, the flower Joker, all court cards, and the Ace of Spades. The combination of foil with a white background brings the back design’s reflectiveness to the absolute maximum.

Every deck includes a double backer and a blank face card to spice up your magic shows with a luxury deck. The Gold and Silver Workers are not marked but have one-way faces and back design.

Five hundred decks of each edition will be available. Each edition will be limited to two decks per customer. We, again, want to get these to as many card lovers and Butterfly collectors as possible.

The Silver Edition Workers will be available for 30 EUR, and the Gold Edition Workers will be available for 20 EUR, as they have minor imperfections on their tuck boxes (slight dings, inconsistent foil, or little dings).

The End

This is going to be an eventful Valentine’s Day. Three new decks are releasing at the same time! Are you excited? Because we are!

Vytvořil Shoptet | Design