WGM Professional Rope Routines

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A great introduction to rope magic.

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Learn rope magic from the masters of the craft. Learn moves and iconic routines, discover useful rope gimmicks, and expand your repertoire. Rope magic is a great way to captivate and entertain a large number of spectators at once.

This set includes a more than hour-and-a-half instructional video with detailed explanations of several routines from the minds of world-renowned magicians.

  • Aldo Colombini - Tight Rope - A rope with two ends and one middle. Or perhaps with no ends? At the end of the routine, a piece of silk is tied to the rope, and you literally throw it off the rope without touching it.
  • Dan Harlan - C & R Rope - No matter how hard you try, you can't cut the rope. It always restores itself.
  • Jeff Sheridan - Swan Lake Routine - An impressive routine performed with musical accompaniment, in which the scissors play a slightly different role than you might expect.
  • Michael Finney - Lady Rope Routine - A fun routine in which the rope can't be cut and the knots don't stay in place.
  • Ted Lesley - Comedy Rope Trick - You cut the rope into three equal pieces. Then why is each one a different length? You tied a tight knot in the rope. Where did it go? Ted Lesley's routine will answer that.
  • Flip - O-pener - You tie a loop on the rope, which you then take off the rope! At the end, you connect the loop back to the rest of the rope.

You will receive six meters (20 ft.) of high-quality white coreless rope, making it perfect for handling and manipulating.

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