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Triple Coincidence (Parlour Size)

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Triple Coincidence card effect is now available with Parlour-sized playing cards.

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Triple Coincidence is now also available in Parlour size. These bigger cards are perfect for close-up shows.

Is Triple Coincidence just a coincidence or a great magic trick? Well, both options would apply to this creation by Card-Shark's Christian Schenk.

The effect starts with you telling one spectator that they look 35. After a moment of them being flattered (or offended), you explain that you didn't mean their age, just the number itself.*

You show them a deck of cards where each card has a different number between 1 and 52 written on its back. You ask the spectator to name any card in the deck. You then find it and turn it over - it has the number 35 on its back!

As this might have been just a coincidence, you continue by telling the other two spectators two different cards. You also ask them to think of one number (one spectator thinks of an odd number, and the other thinks of an even number) and say it aloud. You find two cards with the named numbers on their backs - they are the same cards you mentioned earlier!

You will receive a special deck of red Phoenix cards and access to online PDF instructions.

*Well, it is said that age is just a number, so... Be careful.

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