Tricolour by Simon Lipkin

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Three Sharpie pens. Endless possibilities.

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Three identically-looking Sharpies. The black caps hide their different colors. Under these impossible conditions, you can perfectly predict everything your spectator will do with the pens.

Simon Lipkin’s Tricolour is a beautiful color prediction at its core, but there are more routines you can perform with these cleverly designed props. Simon teaches several routines in the included tutorial, including two versions of the “Chair Test.”

The package includes three Sharpie pens - red, green, and blue - but you can substitute them with any colors you want.

Here are three of the routines Simon explains in the tutorial:

Three Will

You introduce three pens, each clapped with a black cap. While your back is turned, your participant places each pen in a different pocket. You can explain that despite their black appearance, each pen is actually of a different color.

You produce a red cap from your right pocket, a green cap from your left pocket, and a blue cap from your back pocket. Remarkably, when the participants take the pens out of their pockets and uncap them, they discover they've matched the same colors to the same pockets.

Colour Dupe

Your participant chooses any pen and draws any picture in secret while your back is turned. Despite both decisions being completely free choices, you are able to not only reveal the color of the pen they used to draw but reveal (or duplicate) their entire drawing!

Chenvelope Test

Three pens, three cards, three envelopes, and three participants. All of the props are mixed, and lots of choices are made. Yet, despite the fairness, you can prove that you knew the outcome of all events way ahead of time in this baffling close-up mentalism routine inspired by the traditional Chair Test plot.

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