Complete Guide to Butterfly Playing Cards (Part 4)

We produced two decks collaborating with one of the world's biggest magic companies, Penguin Magic. One is a reaction to sudden aggression, and the other is a continuation of the classic line of Butterfly Playing Cards. You can learn more about these two decks below. 

Butterfly Playing Cards for Ukraine

Butterfly Playing Cards for Ukraine is a deck made for a good cause. All profits from the deck’s sales go to humanitarian organizations operating in Ukraine. Our founder, Ondrej Psenicka, discusses why the deck was created in this video.

We joined forces with our beloved designer, Tereza Kovandová, who created the Butterflies for Ukraine with the help of Stefan Eriksson.

Apart from the Ukrainian blue and yellow color scheme, we added one more thing typical for Ukraine. The center of the back design belongs to a sunflower, the national flower of Ukraine. And actually, a lovely comment on our Instagram inspired us to do this. Thank you very much again, Viktor!

This is a joint project between Penguin Magic and us. They organized the cards’ production and shipped out all the pre-orders placed through their site. Butterflies for Ukraine is the first Butterfly deck printed by the United States Playing Card Company.

Thanks to everyone who has joined this project, we were able to print 2.500 decks, and they are nearly sold out. The remaining decks can be found here if you want to join and support a good cause.

We are delighted Butterflies for Ukraine received praise from the playing card community and were given several awards. The deck received first place at the Best Magic Deck and second in the Best Fan category at the Deck of the Year 2022 awards. It also won the Penguin Magic Deck of the Year award.

After the successful fundraising campaign for Butterflies for Ukraine, we joined forces again with Penguin Magic for another collaboration.

Butterfly Playing Cards Royal Purple Edition

We printed 5.000 borderless Butterfly decks in Penguin’s signature Royal Purple. These feature the same marking system as the Butterfly Seasons decks (a slightly modified third edition marking system).

The workings of the marking system are explained in a short tutorial. After completing your order, you will receive a link to the tutorial via email. Every deck also includes an explanation card of the marking system.

These were printed by Cartamundi on their Slimline stock with a True Linen B9 Finish. The cards are housed in a matte purple tuck box with white foil.

The End

These are the two decks we produced in collaboration with Penguin Magic. We love working with other companies and artists. Do you have any tips or suggestions on who you would like us to partner with next? Don't keep them to yourself. We'd love to hear them! Feel free to send all your ideas to our e-mail.

Next week's post will be the conclusion of our guide to Butterflies. It will discuss in depth the Butterfly Workers Edition.

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