Complete Guide to Butterfly Playing Cards (Part 3)

We have reached the halfway point of our blog series focused on introducing different editions of Butterfly Playing Cards. This third post discusses the most colorful Butterflies - the Seasons Editions.

Bordered Seasons

This is the first edition of Butterflies in the colors of the four seasons and with more than one color. The Seasons decks are still the most colorful Butterflies to date. And these were just the second version of Butterflies featuring a border.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Four decks, one for each of the seasons. The back design, the court cards, all four Aces, and Jokers were customized to match each deck’s color scheme.

The mastermind behind all the Seasons decks is the one and only Tereza Kovandová.

We made these mainly for cardists and collectors, with only 1.000 decks of each season printed. These were the fastest-selling versions of Butterflies. The Winter decks sold out in 8 minutes!

The Bordered Spring deck was named the Best Magic Deck and was also awarded second place in the Best Use of Color category in the Deck of the Year Awards 2021.

On Valentine’s Day 2022, we released a very limited collector set with one deck of each Season and one of Butterfly Playing Cards Deck Zero (we’ll discuss these in the future). The sets were sold in a laser-engraved and numbered Carat Case made by our friend Sherman Tsao. We put out only one hundred sets, which sold out in less than an hour.

But it did not stop there. We couldn’t leave the magicians behind.

Borderless Seasons

A year after the limited bordered edition, we released a second version of the Butterfly Seasons decks, with the classic Butterfly borderless design and our trademark marking system.

The colors of all decks slightly changed from the bordered edition. We made them brighter and more vibrant to ensure the markings are easy to read.

We changed the tuck box to make both editions easily recognizable. The bordered Seasons decks were housed in a black-painted tuck box with a solid white Butterfly logo on the front. The borderless Seasons’ tuck box is made out of matte black cardboard. It features a colored Butterfly with a flower pattern on the front.

As these are for magicians, we made a lot more of these. There is a total of 20.000 borderless Butterfly Seasons decks. There are 6.000 Spring and Winter decks and 4.000 Summer and Autumn decks.

The End

The Butterfly Seasons are among our absolute favorite decks. The colors look fantastic, and the cards feel great. If you don't have any Seasons Butterflies yet, you should try them.

Vytvořil Shoptet | Design