Meet the Butterfly Team

Most of you probably know Ondřej. Many of you have heard about Dominik and Pavel. Get to know the Butterfly team in this blog post. 



Butterfly Magic Store is an online store. But who stands behind it? Who are the people running it? Let us introduce ourselves. We share information about all of us, and to help you get to know us even more, we answered three different questions.

Ondřej (founder, CEO, head of production, and visionary)

Ondřej is the creator of Butterfly Playing Cards and the mind behind their marking system. He is the founder and CEO of Butterfly Magic Store and oversees every production.

He is also a respected magician with countless lectures under his belt. He is a three-time successful fooler from the Penn & Teller: Fool Us show.

One of the main reasons magic books are our specialty is Ondřej. He strongly advocates the importance of studying books to become a great magician.

Ondřej is passionate about every project. This pushes everybody next to him to do their absolute best. His visions and desire to create unique products are inspirational and the driving force of Butterfly Magic Store.

How did you get into magic, and why did it stick with you for so long?

I started doing magic when I was ten years old. I loved discovering, learning, and performing new tricks. I loved it, and it was easy for me. I started winning magic competitions when I was 12 and remembered loving that I seemed outstanding in something. Then I met the international magic community, found many friends, and was hooked forever.

What are your plans and goals for the near future?

I want to keep getting better, stronger, and healthier and rest in my free time. 😉

What can people expect from Butterfly Playing Cards?

I want to expand the Butterfly Playing Cards family beyond the Butterflies and explore the possibilities of marking playing cards with many talented artists. Innovation and quality first.

We will always strive to innovate to provide magicians with more and more practical features for magic.

We will always create beautiful cards for all the card collectors and cardists who enjoy creative and artistic design.

If our magician fans decide to have the Butterfly deck as their everyday carry, they can rely on the fact that the red and blue decks will always be available in the currently best quality available.

Dominik (social media manager, photographer, programmer, and creator of Card Potions)

Dominik is one of the newest additions to our team. Many of you might know him as forest_of_spades. He created Card Potions - little glass bottles with rolled-up playing cards inside, which serve as decoration and collector items.

Thanks to Dominik, we can post beautiful photographs on our social media. For over a year now, he has taken almost every single picture that appeared on both of our Instagram accounts.

Our website would look far from how it does now without Dominik’s programming skills. He might not be a magician with cards, but hand him a keyboard and see.

Dominik is a playing card lover, and he enjoys practicing cardistry. As we mentioned above, he is not a magician. This is great as he presents a different point of view and enables us not to see everything through the eyes of magicians.

How and why did you join the Butterfly team?

I found out I had Butterfly Wonderland, the brick-and-mortar store in Holešovice in Prague, within walking distance, so I started visiting it. There I got to know Ondřej and Pavel. We spoke about taking some photos of Butterflies at first. Before I knew it, I joined their team and kept creating with them. The greatest reason to join the team was that I got to enjoy what I love doing… With my friends.

What do you enjoy the most about working in such an unusual field?

The best thing is that I get to creatively enjoy my hobby with some great people that make the work feel almost as if it is not work.

What are your hobbies outside of playing cards?

Mostly riding my mountain bike anywhere from the forest to the city roads. I also enjoy learning programming websites.

Pavel (the store and customer service manager)

Pavel is the main engine of Butterfly Magic Store. He is our expert on custom playing cards and classic poker decks, as his passion lies in gambling sleight of hand and card magic.

He beautifully packages most of the orders leaving Butterfly Wonderland to despatch in a timely manner to your homes wherever you are.

He is also our customer service expert, so if you ever needed any advice regarding shipping, product recommendations, or anything related to our store, and you used our email or the chat on our website, you very likely experienced his classy professionalism, that stands behind the constant growth of our product range.

How and why did you join the Butterfly team?

I started by helping Ondřej with customer support, precisely the online chat. Then Ondřej gave me more responsibilities - running customer support and hand-making Butterfly trick decks.

Ondřej offered me a full-time job at the soon-to-be-established Butterfly Wonderland two years ago. I gladly accepted since playing cards are my passion, and they were and still are our main focus. I love the challenge of creating and coming up with new and innovative ideas. And, as Dominik mentioned, I found great friends here that became my second family.

Where do you see the Butterfly Magic Store in five years?

My goal is to keep creating great products and content that magicians and collectors will appreciate. I hope we can build a massive community of people passionate about magic that shares ideas and helps everyone become better. I also hope we can bring more talented artists to the spotlight and showcase their brilliant work.

What is your favorite life motto?

Do what you love, and you'll never work a day.

The End

This is us. This is the Butterfly Magic Store team. Hopefully, you know us better and have a clearer idea of what goes on behind the scenes.

If you ever need help with anything, please get in touch with us through e-mail or Instagram. One of us will get back to you and assist you.

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